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Nature sometimes performs miracles which fortify man's faith. One such miracle occured in a ruined and long-forsaken temple of Lord Mahavishnu at Thuluvannur, about 1.5 Kms north-west of Payyanur town in north Kerala.

The temple which was renovated few yars ago was in a state of mystery, appeared to be hiding a divine presence. Once Thuluvannur was the southern border of 'Thulunadu' and was a classic example for the Kerala - Thulu culture. The new generation had no idea of its history, yet they were aware of its sanctity. It was the custom of the traditional theyyam artists to go there and worship the Lord before they performed their art. They used to praise Lord Mahavishnu of Thuluvannur Temple; but till recent times nobody knew where that temple was, as there was no such temple visible at all at Thuluvannur ! Today people from various places visit this recently renovated holy shrine to worship Sree Thuluvannurappan ( Lord Mahavishnu) for their well being.
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