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The resurrection:
Covered with wild shrubs and trees, till a few years ago, Thuluvannur was a deserted area in serene seclusion on the banks of the river Kavvayi. A portion of the river jutting towards the place like a small lake was known by the sweet name, 'Palthirapuzha' - the river of milky ripples. Though a deserted place, it appeared to be hiding some mystery. However , a few years ago the jungle area on the banks of the Palthirapuzha came under the close scrutiny of some inquisitive youngsters of the locality. They discovered a ruined platform there. Though it was taken for a site of an ancient temple, there was no conclusive proof. From the central hole of this supposed sanctum sanctorum grew a thorny Kara tree. Who might have been the deity there? no one could answer.
The jungle was cleared and a temporary shrine was constructed near the south western corner of the old foundation.
The Famous Palthirappuzha
The old platform was removed and a new one proposed to be constructed. As the work started, the huge spreading Kara tree began withering away itself as if voluntarily withdrawing from the scene. Order was placed for carving a Vishnu idol, and the rituals according to the Vaishnavite mode of tantrik customs were being planned. However doubts assailed some people at this stage as there was no evidence to support the prasna revelation that it was a Vishnu temple. Will it not be against the custom if it were once a Devi or Shiva shrine, this problem troubled some minds. At this stage a miracle occurred dispelling all doubts.
The miraculous turn of events
A devotee and tree lover, came there one day with a banyan tree sapling searching around for a suitable place to plant it. At last he selected a place which normally one would hesitate to choose as it was very near a coconut tree and close to the edge of a footpath. He dug the place for taking a pit when the spade stuck a stone. As the stone was cleared, an adjacent stone was uncovered, both forming part of a circular row of stones - the edge of a well! With this discovery, people began clearing the well and by the evening, as the auspicious conch sounded at dusk, a heavy idol was unearthed from the well . It was an idol of great beauty - a chathur bahu idol of Lord Mahavishnu !
The recovered ancient idol was installed in the temporary shrine. Further Prasna revelation said that as the idol was in a partly broken condition, its spiritual power should be withdrawn and transferred to a new idol which should be finally installed in a new shrine.

'Sankalpika Prathishta' performed by Kalakattillathu Sreedharan Namboothirippad
Thus all the doubts were cleared as if by a wonderful divine programming. Eventually a new temple was built with the enthusiastic public participation. The installation of the power- transferred new idol in the new sanctum sanctorum took place on the auspicious day of April 15, 1986 (Medam 2). Everyone who comes to the serene place experiences the divine aura pervading the whole atmosphere. Today it is a pilgrim centre. Transcending the narrow limitations of caste, creed and religion all find solace in the vibrant spiritual atmosphere of the all-pervading Lord.
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