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Ancient Kerala which is believed to have been created by Lord Parasurama, spread between Kanyakumari and Gokarnam was divided into 64 Gramas - 32 Malayala Gramas and 32 Tulu Gramas. Each Grama had a Gramakshethra. Payyanur was the last Malayala Gramam and Sree Subrahmanya Temple was the Gramakshethra of Payyanur. Thuluvannur was the first Tulu Grama adjacent to Payyanur. Thuluvannur Mahavishnu Temple was the Gramakshethra of Thuluvanur Gramam. Due to one reason or the other, the Thulu Brahmins who were the caretakers of the Thuluvannur Temple had to leave the place and travel to Northern side which has resulted in the ruin of the temple.
Thus the temple, for a long time was in a deserted situation without a caretaker. And there occured some miracles which has lead to the resurrection of the temple to the present state.
The Four Armed (Chaturbahu) Lord Mahavishnu is the principal deiity of this temple. Sree MahaGanapati, Sree Ayyappa, SreeBhagavati and Navagrahas are the sub deities here.
sub shrine of Sri Ayyappa
sub shrine of SreeBhagavati
sub shrine of Maha Ganapati
sub shrine of Navagrahas
Newly dedicated Kalyana Mandapam and Bhojanashala

Routine Rituals :
: 4:30 AM
Nirmalya Drasanam (Opening of Nada)
: 5:00 AM
: 5:30 - 6.00 AM
Usha Pooja
: 7:00 - 7.30 AM
Ucha Pooja
: 9:15 - 9.45 AM
Nada Adakkal (closing of Nada)
: 10:30 AM
Opening of Nada
: 5:30 PM
Deeparadhana   at sunset
Thiruvathazha Pooja
: 7:30 - 7.45 PM
Closing of Nada : 8:00 PM

Contact Options :
Devotees and visitors of this website can contact the temple authorities in the following way :

Thuluvannur Sree Mahavishnu Temple,
Thayineri, Payyanur PO. Kannur District.
Kerala. INDIA. PIN - 670 307.

Telephone :
Temple Office : 91 - 4985 - 203813, Mobile: 8547401813.

President :Prof.K. Rajagopalan - 9747163469

General Secretary :K.K. Vinodkumar - 9495418413

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