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Sree Thuluvannoorappan

Thuluvannur was one of the important Tulu Gramam in ancient Kerala. Thuluvannur Sree Mahavishnu Temple was the Grama Kshethra of Thuluvannur and Lord Mahavishnu was known as Thuluvannurappan. It is believed that the temple was constructed in the Chozha regime centuries by the Seevolli Namboothiris (Thulu desa Brahmins) who were strong Vaishnavites.
The Four Armed (Chaturbahu) Idol of Lord Mahavishnu is the main prathishta in this temple. The Sudarshana Chakra in the hand of the Lord idol can be found as if it is ‘ready for use’. In this way this prathishta is different from that of other Mahavishnu Temples with this special characteristic of the idol. The important offering in this temple is Vishnu Pooja. Many devotees from far and near visit the temple to offer Vishnu Pooja to Thuluvannurappan for ‘Santhana labdhi’ and ‘Abheeshta Sidhi’.
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